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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ne'er cast a clout, til May be out

Lily of the Valley
Hello there blog friends. The Merry month of May is proving not so merry here, with rain and really cold temperatures. However things are blooming nicely. I have Lily of the Valley flowering for the first time, I had it growing in a pot, as they like to take over apparently, but it wouldn't flower, so I planted it out last year and 'voila', little bells are coming up! The title of my post is an old saying, which is not referring to the month of May, but May blossom, which is possibly hawthorn? It means don't take off your winter clothes until the May is out?? The Hawthorn is blossoming like crazy, but it's still pretty cold, so winter coats on still.
 My artwork is showing some greeting cards that I worked on last year. The company are lovely to work for, they get the colours so well, and then put a little image on the back and a tinted image inside, which I think looks sweet! Can you spot the difference in the image above, I added a swallow later and the magic of the Mac has popped it in.
Hope you are enjoying warmer weather wherever you are, I hope we get some sunshine too, it seems so long since the heatwave of March?


  1. Fun to see the drawings next to their matching cards! You're right, the colors DO match well. I always find it frustrating that my color copier changes the colors up a bit... of course no one but me would know, but still! :))) What size are your originals? I always have a hard time drawing "big".
    Looks like spring is crrreeping in to your corner of the world! Love lily of the valley ~ such a yummy scent! :)
    I'll keep fingers crossed for some sun for you!

  2. Th elephants are so dear. And I wish we had strawberry margarita fairies here in the states! I am keeping my eyes peeled for these. Fabulous stuff, as usual. And it's warm here in Iowa. Bluebells are over, but peonies and irises going strong.

  3. You have lots of lovely colour in your garden. I have a tiny patch of lily of the valley. I had it in the backyard but it's on the highly toxic list for dogs (and Meeko insisted on eating most things his first year) and so I moved it to a funny little spot in the front where no one can see from the street but I can see it from our front window. It seems quite happy there.

    Your card art is very sweet. Hope it warms up for you there. The past few days have been quite lovely here.

  4. adorable, your cards are seriously adorable.
    i always love seeing photos of pretty gardens; i just got back from home (france) and flowers bloomed everywhere in the garden it was a bit magic... miss it already.


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