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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mini break and studio peak.

Next doors caravan

 My little mini break away is all too quickly over. We only stayed away the one night, but it has been very pleasant! The caravan site we stay on is quiet and beyond the site are woods and fields. You are woken with a dawn chorus from the birds, but this is a little early! Most people seem to have feeders for the birds hanging up, so I found it lovely to sit and watch a variety of birds coming and going! Including big fat wood pigeons, which cleverly waited under the feeders for seed being dropped. They also land on the caravan roof, and sound like they have boots on, they are so heavy!
Window view left

Window view right, to Olivers Mount
 It's an amazing view we have right over Scarborough, the weather was perfect. We can see over to the castle and the bay and then up to Olivers mount, where the motorbike races are held. I could look at this view all day!
Jet wanted to see the view too!
 We visited Filey this morning, and sat for a while on the cliff top, taking in the view.
Filey beach and front
Filey Brigg. 
Yummy afternoon tea!
 Later this afternoon we headed to Helmsley, which is further inland. We managed to make afternoon tea at the Black Swan tea rooms. It's all decked out ready for the Jubilee celebrations next weekend.  I can't believe how quick this little break has gone.
My 'Tidy' studio?
Back to work next week, or possibly tomorrow. I managed to do some tidying up in my workroom (spare room). So you can have a sneak peak now. I know it's not amazingly tidy as so many people show their work areas, but at least I can see the floor now!!! I had projects scattered all over, been so busy since December, It's been crazy. I'm now working on some cute characters, enjoying sketching again!! Bye for now :)


  1. How lovely to have taken a break; albeit a very short one. I feel as if we have all been magically transported to the south of the Mediterranean with the recent weather; not good for working at all.

  2. Such a great idea to take a short break with your husband and Jet (did he insist on coming too?). We haven't done that for the longest time. Nice to see a photo of you in your studio. Looks good!

  3. Thanks folks, it's always good to have a change of scenery, and the scenery was certainly uplifting! Jet was very good on our break, he doesn't like all the travelling really, but he slept for most of it, luckily it was cooler at the coast for him :) Too hot to work, you're right!

  4. What a fun trip ~ and great views! I LOVE the peak into your work space!! I love to see what people keep around them for inspiration... fascinating! Thanks for sharing! :)))))

  5. Your photo's look great, you need to book for longer next time! don't work too hard xx

  6. nice photos, makes me want to take a break too :)
    thanks for letting us into your artit’s world, it looks lovely and peaceful in your studio.


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