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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Barking up the wrong tree?

Hello there blog friends. We had a little snow at the weekend, it's all just about gone now. I had my camera ready, as warnings of the snow were plenty. I took a few photos in the morning, then we had lots more snow, and I forgot to take the camera the next time, so missed lots of beautiful woods photos, with the deer running in the trees, the sunset sky, the big clear moon, my snow angel impression, where I got covered in snow! Do not lay down in the snow when your big daft son and husband are about, you will get covered in the stuff, they didn't realise I was making a snow angel, and had fun covering me in snow!! So sorry, no Beautiful photos, just little snapshots.

As well as the snow, I've become very aware of the bark on trees lately, it is so beautiful and each one quite different. I have some amazing photos somewhere of really twisted tree trunks, must find them out. But in the meantime here are a couple, the second one, yellowy coloured with patches, looks wonderful in the sun, I've no idea what this tree is?? I have a feeling this bark thing may become an obsession, I never really noticed all the differences before, amazing what you see, when you open your eyes and look. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun outing, minus the burying part. :) Did your talented dog make the snowmen?

    The bark on those trees is very interesting. Winter helps us notice details like that. I've really been noticing tree branch shapes on my walks lately.

  2. Hi kathleen, Tree branches, yes they are fascinating too. The outing was fun, I didn't explain why I laid down, so perhaps I was asking to be covered, it was powdery snow thank-goodness. I won't mention what my dog did to that snow may guess? He appreciated their presence?

  3. Your husband looks as happy as the dog running around in the white stuff. It is good to hear it is not just children who enjoy the snow.


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