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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fooled and Foolow

Hello blog friends, New and Old.
My photo of the 'bulbs' posted recently, fooled me! They were not my Snakeshead Fritillary after all. They are still pretty though,(top photo). I shall have to hope that they may yet emerge somewhere? The snowdrops look sweet now too and there are lots of spring bulbs pushing through in my tubs, promising more pretty things.

I escaped to the hills for an afternoon recently, that's all the time off I managed. I have been very busy with work. We went to Eyam in the Peak District and walked to a village called Foolow. It was quite cold and windy, but nice to be out and about. Foolow looked nice, with a village green and duckpond, the sign on the roadside made me laugh. No ducks on the frozen duckpond that day though! We walked back on an old lane, with lovely moss covered walls.  See you again soon.


  1. Great duck sign, we should have one of those....
    That's a great tree picture! Looks like spring it really springing in your yard! Don't give up on your missing plant just yet, it's still technically winter right?? ha ha :)

  2. So lucky to have blooming bulbs. We have another winter storm warning. The best sign I've seen is a turtle crossing sign (near Kingston, Ontario)!

  3. Hi Mel, it's a fabulous day here today, 1st March and it's a glorious spring day. I think I heard snow forecast for the weekend tho??
    Hi Kathleen, it feels great to have all these bulbs coming up, the birds are singing like crazy today, big smile on my face walking the dog this morning. Turtle crossing, may take a while? I saw a sign, beware of flying bees recently, lots of bee hives over the wall!

  4. What a shame the bulbs were not as you thought. Or maybe, the fritillaries are just biding their time; it is still a bit early in the season for them.

  5. Oh how pretty. my hyacinths turned out to be pink!

  6. Ah lovely, spring is on it's way and I'm sure they'll be more blooms to follow! Thank you Thank you Thank you, so much Julie for your generous donation and support, I'm truly grateful :) xx
    Lets hope this fab weather continue! enjoy the sunshine and don't work too hard, life's too short!x

  7. Hi folks, i shall have to wait for my blooms to all emerge and hope the frittilarys turn up? Lisa you deserve the support and more, I hope you go on OK? It's quite a challenge! X

  8. I'm so jealous of your English spring! Here in middle America, the bulbs are still shivering in their underground winter quarters. Maybe a few crocus have poked up a half inch or so, but they are the bravest. Keep posting your beautiful photos- I can have spring vicariously. And I'm anxious to see what a frittilary is- we have a butterfly with the same name, so I wonder if they have share characteristics (those lazy latin name givers!)

    Love your greeting cards, especially the fairy cuppa. Inspiration.


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