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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

From Painted to Printed

I just thought I would share with you today some of my artwork and the resulting printed cards. The top photo is my artwork, you get a sneaky peak at my studio mess here, the table is full of my art materials, I need to tidy up! ! I am working on Mother's Day for next year right now, but I did this artwork last year for the same theme, and happily received several samples of my work from the Card company. They have been wonderful to work for and this little fairy proved a popular hit. I am working on a new version for this year. These cards should be out in the shops right now, so I shall make a point of looking out for them next time I'm in town. Then I can do that big swollen head thing again :) Hopefully?
 I did some other designs too, the letters and bears is an older design. There is even a tiny version of the image on the back, which is quite cute! The cards are quite an excellent representation of the artwork, they did a good colour match. Quite often the finished printed piece can be disappointing, but these turned out well.  Sometimes when people buy cards, I don't think they realise that someone has painted the original image and it's gone through a process of printing to become a card. Hope you like them anyway? Mother's Day is coming round fast, we are nearly at March. It feels like spring is just around the corner, little bulbs are sprouting and I'm hoping that these little shoots,(up on the right) are going to be my Snakeshead fritillary that I planted late last year. I shall update you on this one.....I'm sure that's where I put them?? It's quite exciting anticipating these little blooms, simple pleasures, so rewarding  sigh...... :)


  1. Love the teacup fairy. So nice that they did a good printing job and colour match. Love the miniature versions on the backs.

    So much green in your garden! How is that possible already? We still have a layer (though thinner) of snow!

  2. Julie! How fabulous! i am sure you are thrilled with how they turned out! they look amazing. where can we buy them? i’d love the tea cup fairy...

    I bought potted hyacinths (don’t have a garden) the other day; ready to bloom but i had no idea what colour they were... One happy morning my studio had a pretty pink bunch of beautifully fragrant Hyacinth...yes the simple pleasures!!!
    hope you are well,
    x sandra

  3. Hi Kathleen, Thank-you,I took the photo about a month ago, it snowed and some of the green did die back, but the shoots are now a little higher :)
    Hi Sandra, thank-you, I think they should be on sale here? I haven't seen them as yet, if I find any I will send you one if you want?? I love hyacinths and all spring bulbs, such a lovely burst of colour!

  4. The cards are great ~ I LOVE that they put a mini version on the back! It must be really neat to see your own art work on cards at the store! I make my own copies at home of my cards, and it always annoys me that the colors aren't exact, no one else would know, but it really bugs ME! :)))

  5. You have earned the right to be proud of your work so wear your big head with pride!?!

    It is interesting to see your materials as I sometimes think many use digital design now. Good luck with a run on the cards.

  6. Hi Mel, I think we need an inkjet printer, the one with all the separate cartridges? It is nice to see the finished cards, especially in the shops.
    Thanks Bella, lots of digital work around now, i need to get up to speed with that, but manual art is in demand for me just now,I'm happy with that!

  7. Hi Julie, I saw your comment on my blog and came to see yours!!! I absolutely LOVE what you do and your fairies are adorable!!! So pretty!!! I am a big fan of watercolour, although I am not that good at it myself. This is why I admire people who can do it so well! It is very nice to meet you!

  8. Thanks Elina, nice of you to come and visit, we have a mutual love of fairies. What mediums do you use mainly? I will be back to visit you soon I'm sure.

  9. Love your cards Julie! Your work is adorable :oD

  10. I love your cards! I certainly always admire cards, and wonder who illustrated them (or I look on the back, to see if it says). I'm so glad they reproduced well. It can be so disappointing if printed illustrations don't look anything like the originals.

    Love your work!



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