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Friday, 3 February 2012

Christmas Present Arty Joy

I received this lovely book as a Christmas present from a lovely arty friend of mine and so far I've enjoyed 'looking at the pictures'. It documents bookcovers from an old series of books. I have still to read up on how each cover was created, but they are just splendid. I love their simplicity, the graphic interpretations of wonderful subjects. As I read into them, I will show one or two more of these lovely pages. Hope you like them? My favourite bird the Gannet is illustrated on one of them, these birds look like someone has carefully painted their faces, airbrushing the lovely soft colour of the yellow, so beautiful.
I am working away on the 'Book', I now have all the spreads to sketch up, that's 10 double page spreads, and it will be 20 artworks to do in as many days......aaaagggghhhh! Hope I can do it? I have other work to do too, so I may be missing from here for a bit? I have one favour to ask, if anyone knows of an A3 scanner that doesn't cost a fortune, and that scans well, can you leave me a comment?? I have been searching, but I'm not sure about the ones I have seen. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.


  1. Hello Julie, it sounds as if you have a lot on your plate but in a good way. Well, if you find you are unable to find a scanner the printers I found recently might be good for you? I look forward to seeing your work. I already have art-envy from looking at those you have posted above.

  2. Hi Julie--The book is beautiful. I have some Christmas books too that I've flipped through and look forward to reading more closely.

    I just bought a 2nd scanner as I was very frustrated with my other one (a Canon). It's smaller than what you are looking for, but art could be scanned in part and then stitched together in a program like Photoshop. I'll mention it just because it is a great price. It's the Epson Perfection V30 (the newer model is the V33). In Canada, it sells for under $100. The bigger Epson scanner that is supposed to wonderful for fine art is $10,000! Yikes!

  3. This is a very interesting book - great illustrations. I especially love the bee on the flowers (fox gloves?). It was a very good Christmas present.

  4. Julie I can't wait to see your work. And of course you can do it!

  5. Thank-you Bella, I thought of a printer to possibly scan my work there.
    Thanks Kathleen, always helpful, I am scanning at A4 now, my scanner is OK, but because the art is A3, you can't get such a good scan because it won't lie as flat, the people at the other end are patching it together for me. There is a massive leap in price for A3 in most products I've seen!
    I love the print techniques in the book, such lovely images.
    Thanks Sandra, it's quite a big task, just got to try and do it!


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