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Monday, 13 February 2012

Roses are Red.....Pink, White and Blue?

Hello there. Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day. I was taking my portfolio on a BIG outing today. So while I was organising it all in readyness, I took a few photos of the Roses that I've painted in the past. They are not always an easy subject to paint, especially in a lovely free loose style. I've cheated a bit with this technique, by doing simpler roses, of the 'wild' or old fashioned variety. The Blue ones are actually Christmas roses, but lovely colours. So I'm sending you roses, for Valentines Day. Hope you enjoy?
The portfolio had a lovely outing and came back happy :)


  1. Roses=England. Your renderings are beautiful. Today, I gave you the scent of wax crayons and you gave me the scent of roses. Quite a feat from across the Puddle!

  2. Your roses are all lovely, Julie. I've always liked wild roses as much or maybe even more than the cultivars. Love the buds and that white rose on the last sheet.

  3. So happy to hear that your Portfolio had a happy outing! :)))
    I think i like the blue rose best; they are of course all a delight to behold! Who would ever mind getting roses for Valentine's Day? Happy Valentines to you as well!!

  4. Thank-you Claudia, a good exchange of scents!
    Kathleen thank-you, I like doing the buds best, they can be controlled more, I keep trying the wet in wet, but not painted roses for a while.
    Hi Mel, I like the blue rose too, I used reference from amazing photos, such fantastic colours, I probably haven't captured the depth of it all.
    Glad you liked the roses blog friends!

  5. Your confident style works well with these delicate blooms. Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, I hope you have a good one.

  6. Julie, thanks for the wild roses!
    Glad about your happy portfolio:)
    xo sandra

  7. Thanks for you comment Julie, it's not until September so I have plenty of time to build my walking skills up! I have done the three peaks... but not all at once! Maybe I should head over there for some more training! Please don't ask me to attempt to screen print roses, you'd be able to see how bad I am at them!:)x

  8. I've just realised my precious comment on your blog hasn't published! I think your roses are fab!, I used to work at a greeting card company and hated when I had to paint roses I found them soooo difficult and you make it look so easy! Hope your portfolio showing went really well:)x



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