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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Belated Easter wishes.

 On Easter Sunday, we were kindly invited to lunch at my Mother-in-laws. I always enjoy this meal being cooked for me, Yorkshire puddings an' all. I bought these bunches of Freesias to take up there to say thanks and Happy Easter. They reminded me of some work I did a while back now of the very same flowers. I thought they would make a good subject for a card, and as it turned out they did!
 I painted the stems individually, and tried to work as much wet in wet as possible, which was easier on the greens than with the flower itself, as they are quite detailed with lines etc.
 It was an interesting excercise. I knew what I wanted the card image to look like, and so with the help of a very talented good friend, I ventured into the world of Photoshop. Magically bringing the stems back together in a bunch tied with a lilac bow. The lovely greeting card company Phoenix bought my image and produced this card as a result, with my name there on the back, which is always so nice to see.
 I actually managed to do some baking as well this Easter, I made some scones, which got scoffed before I had chance to take a photo, and these coconut butterfly buns. These were my Mums speciallity, that always disappeared fast. She loved the smell of Freesia too, as do I. I can smell it now, just thinking of it.
Bye for now, hope you are enjoying some warmer weather than we are right now, it has gone back to winter??

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Out on the wild and windy moors.......

 I've been abscent from my blog for a little while, trying to take a few days out during the Easter break. The wonderful weather we had prior to the holiday period has been replaced by 'snow' and rather chilly conditions. But we have managed a couple of days high on the moors in both south and north yorkshire. This southern shot is above Ladybower reservoir in the peak district, we trecked across bleak moorland to be rewarded with these amazing views.
Views over Ladybower reservoir

 We tried to call for tea at our favourite peak district tea room 'Hobbs cafe' above Monsal head, but alas it was still closed, so we headed down to Ashford-in-the-water, to a lovely tea room there.
Linton village in the Dales
 Our Northerly jaunt in the Yorkshire Dales started out at Linton, where there was (luckily for me) a watercolour exhibition on. I bought an original from a lovely lady called Patricia Jones. Her work was beautiful and she had some unusual and striking black and white art that sort of reminded me of etchings. They were quite atmospheric, dark moody skies against limestone buildings. (see below)
Malham moor
 Out up on the moors it was quite a contrasting scene to the green down in the village, there was still quite a bit of snow about in deep drifts. We had wonderful views once again though, even though it was a little cold. We only saw 2 other groups of walkers, not many brave souls out up there.I like hearing the sound of nothing but the birds and possibly a few sheep! The birds we saw were Lapwings and Curlews, both of which have quite haunting calls, especially the curlew, which warbles a lonely tune. The lapwings were in courtship mode, doing their twisting and twirling displays and calling pee whit, pee whit. I tried to record it, but you can only hear the wind. No decent photos of them either as they are rather shy birds, you will have to make do with my book version!

looking to Great Whernside

Original watercolour,of Tan Hill


Favourite Tea Room at Hebdon.
Our day ended very nicely at our favourite tearoom at Hebdon. The old schoolhouse. Always such a lovely treat.
I will be back soon with some artwork. All is still very busy. I've been working with some lovely people lately on exciting new projects.