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Friday, 13 December 2013

Advance copies, etc etc etc

first copy of one of my new books

Hi there folks :)  I received advance copies of the two little books I worked on earlier this year, they are out in the new year sometime. I must apologise for the quality of my photographs, it suddenly dawned on me the other day. why I've not been posting so much here. The camera is playing up terribly, and has been all year really, I've struggled to get these and I think it's given up altogether now, so I'm hoping Santa may bring me a new one please? Or in the sales I may look for one :)
Anyway, these little books have grown on me, looking at them now, in situ as it were, they do fit the bill, of explaining little prayers and psalms to young girls age 2-4 years.
sorry about the photo, I will explain.
When I look at the images, I can remember how I wracked my brain to come up with some of the scenarios, and some of them are a bit too literal, but hey ho, if I were a little girl, it would look OK to me :)

I hope you like them too? And more importantly I hope that little girls like them.
The covers are a little too 'pink' and glittery??

But inside we did OK?

 So this was quite exciting getting the above copies, I think there are more being shipped over now, and hope to get some more copies soon.
 I also set myself the task of creating a Christmas card. I ordered some sweet little buttons and then thought up an idea to suit them. I drew a sort of 'Rob Ryan' type tree, intending to pop the button on top. I thought right, get that screen out that I bought last year, cut out a paper stencil as you do, then quick as you like, screen print me lots of cards.......... well I had good intentions of doing that??
Cutting out the paper stencil.

Too many teeny fiddly bits?

Here it is carefully positioned on the screen!

Paint painstakingly mixed to match my little button!

Eh, Viola.....DISASTER!!!!
 I was quite excited to do this screen printing malarky, I do love the process, but it just didn't work, I think it was wrong paper, too intricate a design, ink not quite right mix, etc, etc. So I reverted back to the trusty stamping technique, I'm sorry I don't have photos of the whole process, but the camera was giving up at this point.

So here are my finished stamped designs. They have been delivered too, and pleased to report they were well received, Phew!
Before I leave you.....
Just one little sad note.... I found this little chap in the garden. I know birds must die, they don't live that long I don't think?? But it was quite sad to see this beautifully coloured bird lying by the water pot? such lovely bright colours. Maybe someone could explain?