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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Red hot and ready!

The bees and the birds love the red hot pokers!

This is a little blurred sorry!

Almost enough raspberries for a pud, YUMMY!

A few little red hot shots for the next summer colour on the blog :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Floral colour

 Hello there blog friends. I've been absent a while, still lots to do, and catching up with some gardening too! The artworks above are some I've recently worked on. I keep reading all your lovely blogs and this week have noticed a Flickr photo posting feast going on with a colour theme. I thought I would add my personal little version so far. My photos are nowhere near as good as ones I've seen, but I felt like joining in! So here are one or two snapshots from my garden on the colour theme, starting with green, then yellow (which I didn't think I had anything of until I looked out this morning and bang, the St Johns wort is there) and today pink, which there are various shades of in the garden right now. I will be back soon, probably with more colours and some arty pics, see you soon :)

The bees love these, but have trouble keeping on the stamens.

Bits of pink, I love this Erigeron Profusion

Found a home in my garden, another favourite of the bees!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm in Tesco!!!!!

 Hello there Blog friends! Just a quick little update of some work done previously. I had an email from the lovely people who created some gift wrap and bags from some floral work I did last year, to say that it is in Tesco now, whooppeeee!
I called in and sure enough, there I am on the shelves!! I love how this looks even if I say so myself, it's bright and cheery and pretty all at the same time! I stood there in the store and felt quite proud, I didn't tell the cashier when I bought these bits this time, but I was excited. I am daft sometimes!! But it's always a thrill to see my work in a shop, and they did such a lovely job combining my artwork with spots and stripes.
 I have also had work in the 'Next' stores, this was a while back now, but I still like the images. I was thrilled when they created a gift wrap from the same images! These are in my portfolio now, but it's ages since I did them.

Finally a design also in 'Next' for wedding. This was also done some time back, I had a phase of creating these black line images, using a cut off straw and black ink! Hope you like my shopping trip? See you again soon :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilant Jollifications!

J H Dowd Illustration sketches

 Hello blog freinds. I was trying to think of a title for this post that would tie in with all the Jubilee celebrations that are going on around our little island this past few days! When I thought of this one, I remembered these wonderful illustrations that are in a book I have 'People of Importance' with all the illustrative sketches by J H Dowd. I love them, the book is signed and dated 1935, so fairly old. Hope you like them?
 My own little nod to the British flag, which is being waved all over the country as I write, came about 2 years ago, when I could see this trend for the flag symbol appearing on Everything!! Out of necessity really, I created this little teacosy and below a lavender scented bag, both in faded denim, which I love. My intention was to create lots of these, and sell them on Etsy or someplace. But the artwork took over and I've just been so busy with all that. I only have a borrowed 'old' sewing machine anyway...

We've been out in the lovely Yorkshire Dales walking today, lots of flag waving going on all over in the villages. I've just watched my favourite 'Paul Mcartney' as the final act in a concert for the Jubilee, and beacons are being lit (4,2000) throughout the country on hill tops everywhere. We saw one being set up, whilst in Littondale today.

We walked through fields of buttercups, daisies and red clover, past old barns and houses, it was a pleasant day indeed. See you all again soon. Hope you get to see some of the celebrations from over here, wherever you are in the world! :)