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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sunshine at the Sculpture Park.

Price list for Mark Hearld's work
 I made it to the Yorkshire Sculpture park today, just in time to see the Mark Hearld exhibition, which finishes tomorrow. There was some frenzied buying going on of the exhibited work, quite fascinating! I managed to drag my husband along, although he didn't go into the exhibition, he stayed outside with the dog, and we had a good long walk afterwards, IN THE SUNSHINE!! Yes, it's actually been sunny the past few days, and it has felt so good. This seems to have been a long long winter, cold wet, snowy and MUDDY. So much mud. When you walk a dog, you see far too much mud.
 Anyway, to the exhibition...which I'm not sure I saw all of, in my flying visit. I like Marks work, and the way he uses different materials in it, collaging all sorts of bits and pieces. This exhibition appealed because it was 'Birds and Beasts' and I love his birds and beasts, the simple lino cut shapes and the movement he manages to capture so simply. Quite different I feel.
Beautiful collage work!

Wonderful birds swirling around.

 I have to admit, that I don't find many of the sculptures appealing in the park?? In fact, as I walk around, on each visit, I am always drawn to the trees there. They are wonderful, some are so huge, and such lovely shapes, set in the sprawling estate. The view above with that tree and off in the distance, the   wind turbines, well I find that more beautiful to look at than either of the sculptures below! I feel like an arty fraud when I'm there, as I could just criticise so many of the exhibits, but there you go, each to his own I guess? I tend to find the exhibitions inside the building more to my taste.

Walking back, sunset sky and snow on the distant hills.
We had a lovely afternoon, even though it was still very muddy. The cold weather which has gone on for ever, much like I'm doing now, has brought these lovely little visitors(below) to my fat feeders in the garden. They are such sweet little tiny birds, pink in colour, they flit about, usually in groups of about 6, but 2 come to feed regularly. Today there was even a gold crest, such a tiny bird, how they survive I don't know, I've not seen one on the feeder before, hope I helped to keep it going. I would just like to add one very exciting note, I have won a 'Giveaway' on this delightful blog, I am thrilled, I never win anything! Kathleens work is lovely, delicately painted, natural images.
See you all again soon.

Friday, 8 February 2013

need to blog.....?

Hi there, it's me, hope you haven't forgotten I exist??

I have had some rushed book work on recently, I can't blog about this as yet, and I have some steady book work on, which I can't blog about either? So art subject wise I am a little stuck.

However....I did do some work recently,(see right) which I thought was a good idea, only to be shot down in flames, as I think me and my hubby are the only people that like it??
I worked on some denim, to get some fantastic texture, and to include it in the clothing the guys are wearing! I gave it a caption of 'For he's a jolly good fellow' and thought it might suit a masculine card design????? But it seems not?  Too much texture possibly, too like book illustration?? I had loads more ideas to run with using this material?? Oh well, it was worth a try, what do you folks think?? No takers so far??

My one photo of the Spring Fair.
So feeling really fired up?? I headed to the 'Spring Fair' down in Birmingham, a huge fair that brings many of the countries Greeting Card companies together to sell their wares. I had a good look round, it was smaller than in past years I have been. I saw a few lovely people I know, had a word with a few of them, and came away feeling anything but fired up!!

Onwards and Upwards I say to myself, I have inspiration still up my sleeve, the day I run out of that, I shall know to pack in, but until then......out with the watercolours my girl, get sploshing about, always good fun!
Hope to see you here soon, let me know what you think about the above if you get chance?