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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Everything in the garden is.....

 ..........So lovely.
 Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have had a busy last month, as I started a new job!! It is brilliant so far, as I'm painting away like crazy :)  I'm working for a major Greeting Card Company and although so much work is now done on computer, it seems that painting is back in fashion. So I'm happily painting away, creating lots of different work.
 Everything else is doing well also, the garden is amazing, we have had so much rain lately and over the winter, that everything is very lush. We've had hardly any freezing cold weather, and so everything has taken off in the spring, and it all looks delightful. I love the lupin above, such amazing shapes all neatly stacked together, it just makes me marvel at nature, how things form and grow, it's brilliant.
Mimulus, bedding plants, these are flowering like mad now.

Harlow Carr poster

Harrogate 'Le Tour' symbols.
 In our region we have the start of the 'Tour de France' kicking off, and many, many places have posters and various yellow painted bicycles strategically positioned all over. We passed through Massham recently and they had bunting strewn all around the market square made of little knitted Jerseys, mainly yellow, but various other colours, they look so cute!!
Wenslydale view.
 We try and get out into the countryside when the weather is fair, this trip was last Friday, such a glorious day up in Wenslydale. Walking in the sunshine. I don't work a full week, so I can escape quite often. We have had lots of rain as I mentioned though, it can rain when I'm at work, then be nice on my days off please :)))
Wenslydale view

Pen hill above Wenslydale, the farmers are cutting the grass for food.
 I've been painting rainbows in my spare time also, I shall do some diddling on the computer with these below and see what happens?? I love the bright colours they are so cheerful.
Well I hope to be back before too long, I shall try and post once a month at least!! Otherwise you will all drift off and not come to visit me. I hope everything in your gardens is rosy too. X