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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dancing days

 I worked on the little book above, for an Aunt of my husbands, her name is Jeanette, and she runs dance classes. It is a passion of hers, as was creating this little book! It was something she had always wanted to do, so I did my best to help.
 Jeanette asked me to create a family who liked to dance, with a boy and girl character to take the role of showing the dance steps. Initially, the children were facing the viewer, but this was not really the best way to show the steps, so they were turned around.  It was quite tricky to do some of the steps, we ended up dancing them in the room, as although it's easy to dance, it's not so easy to illustrate.
 We couldn't find any other books that showed a dance in this way?? So I hope we have managed to get the message across, as that was the hope and certainly Jeanette's desire. Maybe you could try the steps??? and let me know??? If you can see them OK?
 Jeanette has the book for sale on her website    That's the hard part, selling, the bit I'm no good at?

To the left is also a little character I've just created, for Valentine/Anniversary send. Hope you like him?

Things have been quite busy for me lately at home. We had some fantastic news, my Son has graduated from Uni, and he obtained the grade he needed to start the job that he also got !!!! Whooppeeeeee
It's been quite a momentous month! It's certainly had me dancing round the room :)