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Monday, 27 August 2012

Inspiring Illustration from Lynne Chapman.

Just wanted to post something very inspirational and arty from the lovely Lynne Chapman. In this short film she very genorously shows how she works on her new Children's picture book 'Swap' in pastels. This gives a great insight into producing artwork for picture books. Lynne is very talented and her blog shows so much of illustration techniques etc. I always love to watch an artist work, and as Lynne does this same sort of thing whilst working with children in schools etc, I am sure she must be an inspiration to them. Hope this inspires you too, check out her blog,'An Illustrators life for me'. Bye for now folks, I will be back with some snippets from my delightful new book 'Art for the love of Sark' .

Friday, 24 August 2012

Shingles and a short break.

Lovely Bruges

Exquisite chocolate shop coffee

Paschendale cemetry very moving in the evening light.
 Hi there blog friends. Just a short post today. I have been rather ill with shingles. It comes from the chicken pox virus, which lays dormant in your bod until something triggers its return? I must say it has been a scary experience, because I had this in my eye and just above, and it was painful and frightening, to see my face swell up like that! I'm going to put a photo of my ugly mug below, so those with a nervous disposition look away now!!
In the midst of this we had a trip to Bruges planned, so the pretty pictures are up here. Bruges is a very beautiful place, with oodles of chocolate shops and pretty buildings. It was a relaxing sort of break, although the train travel on the Eurostar was quite lengthy, I just slept through a lot of it. We paid a visit to Ypres and the cemetry at Paschendale, along with 2 Canadian dwellers and an Irish couple. It was a very moving trip, quite humbling really. If you intend to leave now, before looking at my face below. bye for now and see you soon :)))))
Menin Gate Ypres, the last post is played here EVERY night!

Warning, below is my ugly mug all swollen and painful.(tried to make it small) I am getting much better now. Just got some weird tugging sensations above my eye and it's all quite numb, I think the nerve ends took a battering, quite like my face. I'm hoping the feeling comes back very soon. See you all again soon, with something lovely and arty to look at! :)