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Thursday, 25 October 2012

I'm in WH Smiths.......

 Hi blog friends, I'm here again still waiting on THE BOOK, I have been told by the editor no less, that as soon as they get copies from the warehouse I will be sent 3, so fingers crossed it won't be long? My book is about 'Sleepy Bears' going to sleep, it's a very gentle story, not many words, lots of actions!

In the meantime, I visited,WH Smith store in town, and there are my designs on the shelves, 6 in total, all very traditional cute bears, as requested.
 I did these earlier this year and they have quickly found their way into the stores. I bought 2 as a) I doubt I will get any samples, and b) they were expensive!!! They are quite big, with a nice red envelope though. Check them out if you go near a store, in the UK that is?? Christmas is still quite a way off I know, but I work on this sort of thing all year and actually I never seem to tire of it, I do love what I do! :)
Artwork for the card designs.
 This is another love of mine below, modelling (not the latest) style of t-shirt!! My poor little puppy, cos' that's what he is to me,  (he's 12 and a half) has had a nasty reaction to a bite. It's under his arm,( whoops, front leg), and so the vet said....instead of him having to wear one of those awful collars, where they bash into everything and everyone, put him an old t-shirt on, to stop him trying to scratch or lick it?? Well, he hasn't taken to this really! He looks a bit fed up :( don't you think? We put it on him last night at bedtime, but it was off by the morning, must have been a struggle in the night!!
My Handsome old boggy looking fed up.

What are you doing to me? This looks like a dress!! :)
This last photo of him makes me think of the talking dog on You Tube, you know the one, with the bacon  etc? Hope this link works, but you've probably seen this many times!? He's much better already my pooch, on his Very Expensive antibiotics. (worth every penny for him, my lovely Jet).
See you all again soon.:)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sketchcrawl Sunshine

First tree I sketched, the colours are just changing.

Lynne sketching the stunning red Acer, as seen in the next image, I also drew this tree.

Sketch of above.

Sophie ryders dogs were popular amongst the sketchers and all interpreted differently

We were surrounded by Canada geese at one point, lovely sketches here, and of the branches as seen in my top photo dangling down.

This is me as sketched by my lovely friend D

Amazing work achieved in such a short time, the hours pass so quickly when you're absorbed in the sketching!

My sketches here as mentioned above, I concentrated on the trees as they were  so lovely in their changing state.
 I used some colour this time, just experimenting with different techniques.
Sorry I can't name each persons sketches, but they were all good!
Hi blog friends! I'm still here awaiting THAT book!!!! Sigh..... in the meantime, I had a lovely day last Sunday, out on the Sketchcrawl at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.I had a lovely friend accompanying me this time and we certainly had good weather. Quite unbelievable really, it was so nice to sit in the sunshine and draw. The wind was a bit nippy, but in sheltered spots it was a delight. I should have taken lots of photos at the park, as there were new sculptures on display, but I mainly took shots of the final showdown, where we all display our work for to share. Quite a nerve wracking experience this can be, but there are all levels and abilities and all deserve praise. So many different styles and techniques, we can all learn from each other.Hope you enjoy my little exhibition, it was fun.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Beatrice Alemagna talks about Bugs in the Garden

I have taken this video from the lovely Lisa on her blog' Lil Sonny Sky'. I tried to do the link thing but ??? it baffled me, so hopefully you can find Lisa and her blog, as it's sooooo good!! I just love Beatrice's accent, and how she shows the way she works, what a delight! Hope you enjoy it too! :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Up Hill and Down Dale, a short interlude.....

Going Up, Up

and Up

Above the beautiful Wharfedale

Out onto the moors above

then a steep Down,Down
To the bottom of the Dale and a walk back by the river.
Just a short interlude blog friends. We had a lovely walk in the Autumn sunshine. Out of lovely Kettlewell, up a very steep track ( which may be of 'Calendar Girls' fame)? To get these glorious views down the valley, it was well worth the uphill struggle! Out onto the moors, then back down the steep track, and a walk from Starbotton along the dale back. What a lovely day, cup of tea and cream scone to finish, Yum.
I am hoping to have my first copy of the Children's book I illustrated earlier this year, I have seen it and am quite beside myself excited.......just need to get my hands on a copy, then I can show you all some pics, and of the process it took to get there!! Hope to be back soooooon!
 Oooh forgot to say, going on a sketchcrawl on Sunday to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, with Lynne Chapman and the gang, and also managed to get myself a screen and a squeegee, for some screenprinting action??? Soon!! Very exciting! (to me anyway) :))))