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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New Year, New Art

 Happy New Year to you all, sorry this is somewhat late. I've had a VERY busy first month at work, I don't quite know where it went to be honest, but it was creatively packed and I'm so very lucky and happy to be doing what I love doing. I work with some lovely people too so it's even more fun.
 I think I mentioned a little while back that I had some gift bags with my artwork on them coming out in the Spring in John Lewis, Weeeeelllll they're here, Yipppeeeeeee. I am over the moon with these little beauties, and so very proud to bursting to be in this store. I know they are very particular about what they choose design wise, so it's quite an honour.
 So there's me dancing around for joy last week, when I saw this little lot. I haven't got my hands on any yet, but it won't be long before I do. I hope you likes them by the way.
 And just to prove they're mine, I took a photo of the art, see above, I worked mainly in pastel, it was good fun. I had an idea of how they were to look and did a sketch, and some talented bod on the computer formatted them. I've been working more on the computer recently and I'm getting to grips with it more.

 I've managed a couple of days holiday this week, just for a breather after last month, phew, and today I've enjoyed watching and listening in the garden. It's blooming cold mind, but a little sunshine is out today and the birdies and the bulbs are out!
 This little robin in his finery was singing away in our oak tree, not very good photos sorry, the branch he was on was swaying around quite a bit. I stocked up the feeders as it's been so cold, I don't know how these tiny birds survive.
 And as you can see below, those bulbs I planted last Autumn are just peeping through. I've forgotten what I planted so it's doubly exciting to see what turns up. I can see the first ones are tulips.

I will try and post something again soon. I've been creatively messing around at home, trying out new things, techniques etc. We are also in the throws of moving house, which is scary after living in our house for over 18 years. We want to move more out into the countryside and possibly further North, but it's proving difficult to find anything and it's more expensive. It's really quite a challenge. I will hopefully keep you updated, but I may be without the internet, aaaaggghhhh No, for a little while! Which is also scary :)
Hope you all stay safe and warm in this cold weather, unless you're somewhere warm that is and here's to Spring and all the loveliness it will bring :))