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Friday, 29 March 2013

Stamping update and some sunshine jewels

 So here are my little stamped images of foliage all combined together in Photoshop, to create, firstly a Christmas wreath, and then below, the letter M for Merry, I have still to do the letter C for Christmas, but it's on it's way. I quite enjoyed sitting and putting all this together, moving leaves around, trying to get just the right feel and balance. I hope you like them. I took a photo of the screen, so I know it's not too clear, but I hope you can see it sort of?
 Today is 'Good Friday' and it's been good indeed, with the sun shining most of the day. It's still absolutely freezing though, but it has been so lovely to see blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun, in a sheltered spot. I just wanted to show some of the little gems coming through in the garden. I planted these late last year, I just love those little bellis perrenis,( not sure my spelling is right). They look so bright and cheery, like sweets in the garden, along with the tiny pansies, and the tete a tete daffodils.

Buried under the snow, they survived, hooray.

 The colours of these tiny flowers is so rich, It's inspiring me to paint something floral??

I hope you have sunshine wherever you are, and enjoy the Easter weekend. See you soon :)

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Elly MacKay
I am hoping this link will work, I just watched this and wanted to share it with you, I think Elly creates some lovely scenes.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Beast from the East and other offerings....?

Flowers buried under the snow!
I just wanted to share with you my spring flowers that had braved the cold and peeped out. Unfortunately the snow had other ideas and I woke to find them buried, I do hope they are keeping warm in there? But I have the feeling they may be a little crushed. We are experiencing the 'Beast from the East' apparently, as cold winds blow in from the East, Siberia, and meet warm wet weather from the south west, giving us more snow.I'm pretty sure I've shown you snowy pics before, and so now I would like to move on into spring please?
Back Garden birdies.
The birdies in my back garden are getting extra food at the moment, as I have the feeling they have started nesting and may have chicks. The Blackbirds are carrying away beaks full of soaked raisins, so I hope I am helping to keep little baby birds alive??
 I had wanted to show you folks out there, some of the work I've been doing recently. I took a photo of my latest book illustrations along with some pages of sketches, there are 29 little illustrations, a book of 'Blessings' for little girls. But I'm afraid that I could be sharing something I shouldn't just yet. There is the possibility that images could be copied and it wouldn't be right for me to risk that. So as I'm currently working on several book projects, another 'Prayers' book on similar lines, a set of 4 covers on fairies, a 'Dance' book for children, and a book about a 'Puppy' I probably won't be sharing much artwork.
 However, in-between waiting for feedback on sketches/artwork etc, I've been playing around with some stamping. I just love doing this. I seem to like all print processes, I've yet to get my screen that I bought into action too. These little stamps are all sort of Christmas foliage, I'm hoping to get time to format these in photoshop next week, after I've carved them all out.

I like this bit of freedom to experiment and play with different techniques. My time is totally taken up when I get involved with the book illustrations. Sometimes I get frustrated at how little time I'm given to illustrate a book? I panic somewhat after agreeing to do something in such a short space of time, I really cannot fathom why there should be such a rush. I obviously don't know all the inner workings of what book publishers get up to, but they should understand it is time consuming doing A3 size illustrations? If anyone can explain I'd love to know??
So I've actually had this weekend off with this time to play at stamping, snowed in practically, freezing winds blowing outside. More snow to come by Good Friday apparently, when will the winter end?? I hope to bring some sunshine when I next write, my posts may be infrequent as I work my way slowly or quickly through my books. It will be an absolute joy to see them when they are done though, I know! Then I can share some images. :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Birthday Boogie

Hi folks,
My Birthday today, had a lovely day, sun shone, lots of cards, choccies and a bit of a twirl to one of my favourite songs, turned up nice and loud, and dancing with the dog!! :) He looks at me bemused, but knows it's HAPPY time. Hope you like the tune, I think it will have your toes tapping too. Go on, it feels good. I will be back with something arty soon.