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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Back so soon.....?

 Hello again, I had 2 very nice surprises this last week. I can't show much if anything of the artwork I am currently working on (at work) which sometimes makes posting 'Arty' things a little difficult? In the near future there will be quite a few new images coming through as a result of my new job, but for now, here are some images from 2 little religious books I worked on earlier this year. They look quite cute, I hope they will appeal to the very young audience they are aimed at. I think these should be available  to buy soon, if not now?
 Always so exciting to see your name on the book, It doesn't seem quite real? Although the work was very real, I found some of the wording hard to illustrate.
 This one above makes me laugh, those cakes and buns would tempt me :))

 I haven't done any more books since these two. I was asked to illustrate a Bible, with these same people, but I felt that it was too much. Books normally take about 3 months to do, and the final month can be quite an intensive work load!  Working on these books, I went through an agency that I was represented by, I am no longer with them now, my decision.

Below are some more examples of my work, currently in Clintons Card shops in the UK, I know it's a little early for Christmas, but it's never too early for Christmas where I work, Christmas 2015 is already underway, Hooray!

Hope you like my little artwork samples, see you again soon :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

One Potato...Two Potato....

Once again, I've been rambling about, it's been such amazing weather in the UK, well up here in Yorkshire at any road! So at every opportunity we have gone walkabout. The old pooch came on holiday with us again, see me above, he's a food fiend still, and likes to have lunch out, just like us. We are at one of our favourite tea rooms at Hebden in the Dales.
I took this photo above, as to me it looked like another country, Canada possibly?? It's actually the Forest of Bowland, quite intriguing.

We also chanced upon this little village, Bolton by Bowland, it was so charming, with a lovely church and tea room.
The old pooch, he likes to sit in the sun sometimes :)
I've been experimenting with my camera a bit (after reading the instructions) and this was taking on a particular 'Scenic' setting, I was quite pleased with it.
This however was a poor shot, but taken especially for my lovely blog friend Melody, as she likes a Thelwell scene :)
And at last, a little bit of art work, I fully intended showing the process of my Potato printing session, but forgot about the potatoes and they shrivelled up into black blobs very quickly, so this is just the resulting prints, I have yet to create something with them all.
I've had a dabble with the stamping too, so much fun, I never tire of doing this.
And there has been some gardening going on, my poor little Auriculas were badly neglected, as you can see above. They have been re potted and I'm hoping they survive and flower next spring.

I've also planted up about a dozen pots with bulbs etc, I didn't do this last year and I missed that wonderful spring show they put on, so I've put in daffodils and tulips and some alliums, and I've actually seen some little buds peeping because of the warm weather, which is crazy?? They need to hold off until spring, it would be weird to see them so soon.
We managed a trip to the coast, it was a glorious sunny, calm day, a bit like mid summer and not late September??
Camera experimenting again :)
This last weekend we were back at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, they have some weird and wonderful exhibits in the grounds, it was once again glorious weather.......

These Yew berries are positively glowing, I've taken a few photos of them this year, and painted some.
A new addition in the grounds, this 'round' little boat, which had some 'deep' meaning of basically saying you would get nowhere rowing this, but it did look lovely.
This is the main building at the Sculpture park, the metal walkway is all punched out lettering.
I couldn't resist this shot, patient pooches waiting for their owners to return, the young dog at the very far end wanted to play :)
I also couldn't resist a nice cup of coffee :)  Like the new boots?
Oh, and although this is a bit gruesome, we've had several visits from the sparrowhawk recently, I do feed the birds, and she must think I'm fattening them up for her. I just think they are stunning birds and feel privileged to see her when she calls by. This is my camera setting 'through glass'  which is taken from a bedroom window across to next doors garden, some distance away, so sorry it's a bit blurred.
Autumnal weather has arrived, some rain and winds, blowing all the leaves from the trees. It's not been too cold yet and I think we are returning to a warm 19 C again at the weekend, so another walk is planned:)
Hope you are all enjoying Autumn, or whatever season you may be having out there. Bye for now.