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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Back so soon.....?

 Hello again, I had 2 very nice surprises this last week. I can't show much if anything of the artwork I am currently working on (at work) which sometimes makes posting 'Arty' things a little difficult? In the near future there will be quite a few new images coming through as a result of my new job, but for now, here are some images from 2 little religious books I worked on earlier this year. They look quite cute, I hope they will appeal to the very young audience they are aimed at. I think these should be available  to buy soon, if not now?
 Always so exciting to see your name on the book, It doesn't seem quite real? Although the work was very real, I found some of the wording hard to illustrate.
 This one above makes me laugh, those cakes and buns would tempt me :))

 I haven't done any more books since these two. I was asked to illustrate a Bible, with these same people, but I felt that it was too much. Books normally take about 3 months to do, and the final month can be quite an intensive work load!  Working on these books, I went through an agency that I was represented by, I am no longer with them now, my decision.

Below are some more examples of my work, currently in Clintons Card shops in the UK, I know it's a little early for Christmas, but it's never too early for Christmas where I work, Christmas 2015 is already underway, Hooray!

Hope you like my little artwork samples, see you again soon :)


  1. Congratulations on your delightful books, I know how many hours go into these projects, not only the painting but the thinking. Imagine if we got paid for our thinking time? Your Christmas bags are beautiful too. I wish you every success in your new ventures. x

  2. The children's books are so charming! I love your holiday bags, they are just gorgeous! I hope you sell lots of them!

  3. Wow, Julie! Your books are soooooo charming! I love your characters! And wow, the holiday bags are amazing..your work is top-notch! Many thanks for popping by at my's so great to know you're working over there at AG England! I haven't been at AG for so long, I fear I won't show my lettered piece, but thank you for your vote of confidence. I had a great time with my oblique! :)

  4. Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas.
    Looking back at your posts reminded me what a great year we have had, sunshine, walks, flowers and butterflies. I have enjoyed seeing More of Yorkshire. And I did smile at your comment about talking to the robins. Don't worry I do it too, they really are so friendly and get so close. We had a nest in the ivy in our garden and a young one seems to have stayed.

  5. a fair bit of time has gone by...
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I would like to wish you a happy New Year.
    btw: every time I see the w/c at the top of your page it makes me so happy, the hollyhocks are so beautiful!


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